Ownership Opportunity

Cloud One is incorporated in the State of Missouri as a nonprofit organization. The state registered charter restricts the Cloud One Club to just eighteen members/owners. The club has officials which include a President, Vice President, Secretary, Maintenance Officer and Treasure. These officials, just like any corporation, are elected. Each owner/member owns 1/18th share of all assets. The assets include two aircraft, savings accounts, engine reserves, upgrades funds, interest, etc. Cloud One is a diverse and dynamic group of folks who have come together to share their love of flying. Equally as diverse, each owner has an opportunity to fly a “high performance aircraft”…the Club’s Skylane, as well as, a docile, economical and practical plane…the Club’s Skyhawk. Both of the aircraft are IFR rated and include an IFR Certified GPS.

Aircraft Safety

Cloud One has always strived to make every effort to ensure the safety of our fleet. Safety remains the number one priority at Cloud One to ensure the safest operation aircraft possible. For instance, all A.D.’s are quickly resolved, the aircraft get 100 hour inspections, squawks are documented and addressed promptly, etc. The 100 inspection in addition to the annual exceeds FAA regulations for our type of ownership. Knowing the last person who flew the aircraft is an owner, coupled with the Club’s safety policies, club members are comfortable with the reliability of the aircraft.

Hourly Rates

Currently, the rates are $50 for the Skyhawk and $85 for the Skylane per hour dry. All times are billed and based on Tach times not Hobbs time. Members enjoy up to 15% reduction in Tach Time billing compared to Hobbs time. The members are responsible for fuel.

Flight Instruction

The club currently has flight instructors who are available to help you in pursuing that next rating, or just to help you stay current with your rating. We encourage the use of our approved instructors, but you may also choose to use your own instructor. New instructors are approved by the board of Directors.